2017 Football Pick'em contest rules

A Gobbler Nation member contest...including college & pros!
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2017 Football Pick'em contest rules

Post by Jhoutz1982 » August 26th, 2017, 10:47 am

Looks like we have a small group who still wanna play along so lets get to it. As usual, the first week will consist of college games only. Starting with week 2 it will be a mix of College and NFL games, usually 6 of each. I will do my best to have us picking games that are played on Saturday or Sunday only... starting with week 2. I know this will be a little painful to hear but there will be NO wildcard games this year so no extra or bonus points to be found.

1. Pick the team you think will win the game straight up. No point spreads or point totals to keep track of... very simple.
2. All picks must be submitted before the kickoff of the first game of the week.
3. Picks can be edited as many times as you want or feel is necessary up until the deadline. (usually 11:00 am Central. Noon Eastern time on Saturday)
4. The person who makes the most correct picks over the course of the season will win the contest. Prizes will be dependent on what gets donated and how many participants we have.
5. Don't forget to submit your picks EVERY WEEK!!

First round of games will be up shortly.

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