Days 38, 39, & 40 of the 2017 Ohio Squirrel Season

Coyote Killing to Waterfowl and Upland Hunting with Woodland Game Mixed In
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Days 38, 39, & 40 of the 2017 Ohio Squirrel Season

Post by HunterGKS » October 11th, 2017, 2:18 pm

Day 38 Brad’s Woods 10/08/2017 P.M.

I got into the woods at 12:19. It was 71, clearing, & breezy. At 02:23, I took a walk around the woods. I heard a small noise, looked to my left, & saw a huge buck entering the NW corner of the woods, cross a small section of combined field, & into the standing corn. It was at least an 8-point. Nothing else was stirring so I headed to the house at 04:00 with a temp of 71.

Day 39 Mike’s Woods 10/09/2017 P.M.

It was pretty dreary & rainy this morning so I didn’t get into the woods until 11:52. It was 72, calm, but damp. Since Sunday evening, I got 1.6” of rain so it was pretty wet in the woods. At 12:02, I heard 1 barking & chirring to my far left but stopped at 12:11 before I made a move. At 01:11, I moved to the pond but saw a trail cam & couldn’t get to my spot without setting it off so I backed out. On the walk back, another bushy started barking & chirring in front & to my right at 01:35. I eased to the area where it was & it shut-up, of course. I waited until 01:55 hoping it would move or start barking again but nada. I was back at my seat at 02:00.

At 02:09, I spotted a fox for a split second about 70 yards in front of me. I kept a pretty close watch &, at 02:28, I saw it running towards me at about 20 yards but it went behind a tree. The next sighting was several minutes later when it moved from left to right but didn’t give me a shot. I could see it moving around but it never stopped with the last sighting being at 02:25. Then at 02:45, it showed up on the side of a tree but dropped to the ground, went into the underbrush, & was gone.

I headed to the house at 04:10 with the temp at 71.

Day 40 Young’s Woods 10/10/2017 A.M.

I got into the woods at 12:29 with a temp of 77, calm, & overcast. I moved to the deer stand at 02:10. At 03:30, I swapped the card in my trail cam & cleared a lot of weeds, & low hanging limbs in preparation for deer season before heading home at 04:00 with a temp of 76.




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