Mixing Buffer into Pellets

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Re: Mixing Buffer into Pellets

Post by SpitNDrumN » June 26th, 2017, 11:46 am

As said above a dental vibrator is the slickest and best way. You can shop around on eBay and Amazon. The prices go up and down on them all the time $30 is a steal and $60 is high.

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Re: Mixing Buffer into Pellets

Post by crenshawco » June 26th, 2017, 3:52 pm

Do any of y'all have this one? I'm about to buy one but don't want to wind up with some piece of junk.


http://www.ebay.com/itm/Variable-Speed- ... Sw-29ZSNrl

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Re: Mixing Buffer into Pellets

Post by BumbleFoot » June 26th, 2017, 7:10 pm

poorcountrypreacher wrote:
Hooksnhorns wrote:I've been taking my middle finger tip and placing it under the brass end over the cap and my thumb over the open end and shake it til the shot starts showing. Idk if that's the "right way" to do it, but it seems to work aight for me.
That's the way I do it. May not be best way, but it's quick and has produced a bunch of dead turkeys.
I'm as anal as any. But me thinks we sometimes overthink these things. If PCP ain't worried about it--with all his years of experience with turkey hand loads--I probably shouldn't be either. But if you're so inclined, don't you imagine that powdery fine buffer continues to shift and resettle in shells after they are crimped? If so, do you regularly rotate and invert them? :stir:

IMO, this is one of those instances where perfection--while perhaps attainable--really ain't worth the effort. Your way works as well as any...

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Re: Mixing Buffer into Pellets

Post by jhogue » January 3rd, 2018, 9:19 am

Last week I loaded some shells and hope to shoot them this weekend when shot catcher is assembled. I used the thumb over to pf hull method and effectively vibrated buffer into shot, but most of them resulted in a small amount of shot and buffer ending up above the wad after vibrating was complete. I packed all of them as must as possible once I put the overshot card in, before crimping, but still have a line about the width of one layer of shoot sticking above the wad. Will this hurt my barrel or negatively impact my patterns? I remember seeing a different thread that had a long discussion about using and not using buffer at all, or using a lower amount than in the recipe. It seems buffer is used, not used, and used in varying amounts by many TSS shooters.


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Re: Mixing Buffer into Pellets

Post by Fl strutter » January 3rd, 2018, 10:23 am

May have vibrated too much. Did you vibrate the shot before pitting in the buffer? That settles the shot down a good bit. When vibrating buffer stop when you see a few pellets appear. Also vibrate from the case head on bottom and don't use something that vibrates real hard.

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Re: Mixing Buffer into Pellets

Post by fountain » January 5th, 2018, 10:06 am

I've ran into shot getting loose in shells before. I believe I'm going to start vibrating the shot vs just shaking it with my fingers. It seems that the shot/buffer isn't settling completely before I crimp.

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Re: Mixing Buffer into Pellets

Post by turkeyinstrut » January 5th, 2018, 10:28 am

I vibrate the shot to the point it won't settle any more and then I start to add buffer, basically all the buffer does is fill the voids between the shot. One of my 20 ga. recipes calls for 15 gr. of buffer but I have figured out that by doing it the way that I am doing it that 11 gr. seems to be just right, by vibrating your shot to the point it won't settle anymore will help eliminate the problem of "loose shells". Maybe this is not the correct way to do it but it works great for me and I have never had a problem of "loose shells".

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Re: Mixing Buffer into Pellets

Post by Doug Lewis » February 3rd, 2018, 4:49 pm

Does the buffer have to be vibrated down in the shot, or can it be left on top, then crimped?

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Re: Mixing Buffer into Pellets

Post by Fl strutter » February 3rd, 2018, 5:03 pm

Needs to be vibrated down into shot. I vibrate first with just the shot in wad to settle shot as much as it will then add buffer and vibrate from case head until a couple pellets show. I've had best luck settling shot first then vibrating buffer. Mybrolls are very tight and shells don't rattle or losen over time.

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